Custom Gate Installation & Repair in Plano, TX

Rain, Ice, Sleet or Snow – Welborn Garage Doors is there when you need us!

Rain, Ice, Sleet or Snow – Welborn Garage Doors is there when you need us!

The overall appearance of a home is a combination of many factors like landscaping, exterior design, and lighting. However, some of the most important features that can significantly affect the impression of your home’s exterior are the gates that guard and adorn your entries.

Whether you utilize an entrance gate at the bottom of your driveway, an access gate to protect a carport or other outdoor storage area, a side gate to get to your backyard from the front of the home, or another unique gate, the quality and craftsmanship of your gate will make a huge difference in how well it functions. 

Design Your Perfect Custom Gate with Welborn Garage Doors

If you’re looking for custom gate installation in Plano, turn to the skilled team at Welborn Garage Doors. We’ll send one of our highly trained experts in custom gate design to your home in order to measure the space in which the gate will be installed. We’ll discuss all of the details with you, including design, setup, operation, and timeline. 

Depending on your needs, our gate design expert will provide you with either pre-drawn mock-up gate designs or a brand-new custom mock-up based on your original ideas to make sure that the design is exactly what you’ve envisioned.

The design will then be sent to our fabrication facility and completed as quickly as possible while still maintaining excellent quality. Next, we’ll arrange delivery to your home so the installation process can begin.

Have a commercial property that you’d like to enhance or protect? We also provide custom gate design and building for businesses and corporate offices.

With Welborn Garage Doors, you’ll be included in every step of the process, from the first mock-up sketches to the finished product. We know that a high-quality gate is a significant investment, which is why we make sure that you’re never out of the loop along the way.  

Custom Gate Installation:  Gate Styles

There are so many ways to incorporate gates into the exterior design of your home or commercial property. Some gates will need a track or automation technology, while some gates can be hand operated by a knob. Some gates will be locked using a padlock, while some are designed to be locked automatically by an advanced system. Each of these details will depend on the final location of the gate and the level of security needed in that area.

Access Gates 

Access gates are typically found at the entrances to homes or corporate properties. These gates are designed with a high level of security in mind and are typically connected to a surrounding fence.

The access gate is the first part of a home or business that visitors see, which is why property owners enjoy having a great deal of control over the design of their access gate.

Welborn Garage Doors will work with you at every step of the way to design the perfect access gate for your property. We’ll help you to balance strength and security with visual appeal.

You’ll have your choice of several material options that you can mix and match, including: 

  • Wrought iron
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • And more

Whether you prefer arched, flat top, bell, or estate styles, Welborn Garage Doors will make sure that your custom access gate is designed perfectly to your tastes.

Side Gates 

Side gates are primarily used on private properties. They are designed to allow residents or visitors to easily access the backyard area without entering the home. Most homeowners prefer that the side gate’s design match the home’s overall style and potentially even the garage door.

At Welborn Garage Doors, we offer custom-designed side gates in all the same materials and styles that can be utilized for access gates or any other type of gate you may need for your property. We can even custom-tailor security solutions for your gates, depending on your preferences.

Custom Gate Repair in Plano

Need a repair on your custom gate? Rain or shine, we provide same-day service for custom gate repair here in Plano. Whether your gate has been damaged by extreme weather, age, or another external force, we’ll prioritize your custom gate repair and make sure that your gate is as good as new right away.

Turn to the Experts

For all of your custom gate installation needs in Plano and the surrounding communities, turn to the professionals at Welborn Garage Doors. We’ll provide expert solutions, high-quality workmanship, and affordable prices for all of your custom gate needs.

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