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Bent tracks are commonly caused by broken cables

It’s important to call for a repair in a timely manner!

warningThere are many reasons a garage door could come off track. If your garage door ever becomes partially detached, stop operating it and call us immediately. The springs, cable, and hardware system is under tremendous tension and must be properly counterbalanced before beginning any repairs. Attempting a DIY repair could result in serious injury or death.

In the event of a door off track, call a Welborn Garage Door professional before attempting to use the door again. Doing so could be the difference between being able to repair or needing to replace your garage door. Using your garage door in this condition could cause serious additional damage to your door. In some cases, you can pull the door completely off the tracks and cause damage to your property or even yourself.

We offer 24-Hr Same Day Service so that you never have to leave your door unsecured or unstable. Call now and speak with one of our office staff who will dispatch a technician to come repair your door immediately.

Common reasons a garage door comes off track

  • get_appObstruction

    A common reason for garage door roller to come off track occurs when the garage door closes on an object (car bumper, trashcan, broom, bike, etc.). This can cause the cable to slip off of the drum on one side of the door. When the cable comes off the drum, the spring unwinds and releases the full weight of the door on one side, jamming the door into the track.

  • get_appRollers Deteriorating

    Garage door rollers are exposed to dirt and debris on a regular basis. As rollers move up and down the tracks, they pick up friction-causing debris that leads to roller break down. Any unnecessary friction increases stress on the cables and can cause them to slip or break. We recommend keeping your rollers clean and well lubricated and replace broken or worn down rollers. See our preventative maintenance page for more information.

  • get_appSpring Getting Ready to Break

    When a spring nears the end of its life cycle, the garage door can start to drag on the left or right. This is especially common on one spring systems on a 2-car garage door. As a spring deteriorates, the weight of the door is no longer fully supported and the door starts to become unbalanced. The garage door opener takes on the weight that used to be supported by the springs and has to work harder to open the door. The increased resistance can cause the cable to slip off the drum. Another indicator of an unbalanced door with spring or drum issues is if one cable is more taut than the other. The door may still function correctly but will soon exhibit mechanical problems.

  • get_appUsing the Door By Hand

    To prevent this repair on a manually-operated garage door, you should lift the door and let it sit where it rests. If you push the door too high up on the tracks you will cause the cable to slip off of the cable drum. If the door isn’t sitting where it rests or if slides back down the track without assistance, call our trained professionals to come take a look.