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Did you know that Welborn repairs all things gates? If your home or business needs some added security, give us a call! Your gate is in good hands with Welborn!

Welborn can repair all brands of gate openers. Does your slide or swing gate malfunction? We can fix it. Our expert technicians will make sure your gate has the operator it needs.

 Electric Gate Repair

 Electric gate repair is the key to ensuring the continuous operation of your property’s electric gate system. At Welborn Garage, we recognize that electric gates offer both security and convenience, serving as a seamless entry and protection mechanism for your home. When your electric gate encounters issues, our team of licensed gate technicians is here to provide expert electric gate repair services for both slide and swinging gates. With a wealth of experience in electric gate systems, we are well-equipped to diagnose and resolve a variety of issues, including problems with gate openers, sensor adjustments, and structural repairs. 

Automatic Gate Repair

 Ensuring the proper functioning and security of your property’s automated access system is a priority, making automatic gate repair indispensable. We recognize that automatic gates offer not only convenience but also an elevated level of security, serving as your property’s primary defense. When your automatic gate encounters issues, our team of proficient automatic gate repair technicians is fully committed to delivering expert automatic gate repair services. With extensive, specialized experience in automatic gate systems, we are well-prepared to diagnose and resolve a diverse range of issues. These encompass challenges related to gate openers, safety sensors, control panels, and structural components.

Driveway Gate Repair

Driveway gate repair is an essential service for preserving the security and functionality of your property’s entrance. We understand that driveway gates serve as more than just a practical asset; they are integral in safeguarding your home. When your driveway gate encounters wear and tear, malfunctions, or damage, our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing swift and effective driveway gate repair services. Drawing from years of experience in driveway gate systems, we have honed our expertise to address a variety of gate types, from classic swing gates to modern sliding gates. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail ensure that your driveway gate will be restored to optimal performance, providing you with the peace of mind and accessibility you deserve.

Common Gate Problems:

1. Power Issues:
   – Power Supply Interruptions: If there’s a power outage or interruption, the gate may not function.
   – Dead Batteries: For gate systems with battery backup, dead batteries can cause operational issues.

2. Mechanical Issues:
   – Obstructions: Physical obstructions such as debris, snow, or objects in the gate’s path can prevent it from opening or closing.
   – Misalignment: Misalignment of the gate can lead to problems with smooth operation.
   – Worn or Broken Components: Components like hinges, rollers, or tracks can wear out or break over time.

3. Sensor Problems:
   – Faulty Sensors: Safety sensors that detect obstacles may malfunction, leading to incorrect operation or refusal to close.

4. Remote Control or Keypad Issues:
   – Battery Problems: Remote control or keypad batteries may need replacement.
   – Programming Errors: Issues with remote control or keypad programming can affect gate operation.

5. Electrical Malfunctions:
   – Faulty Wiring: Wiring problems can disrupt the electrical connection needed for the gate to function properly.
   – Control Board Issues: Malfunctions in the gate control board can affect overall operation.

6. Weather-Related Challenges:
   – Extreme Temperatures: Harsh weather conditions, such as extreme cold or heat, can impact the gate’s performance.
   – Water Damage: Exposure to rain or flooding can lead to water damage, affecting electrical components.

7. Safety Features Activation:
   – False Triggering: Safety features, like infrared sensors, may falsely detect obstacles, preventing the gate from closing.

8. Programming and Software Issues:
   – Software Glitches: Issues with the gate’s programming or software can result in operational problems.

9. Aging and Wear:
   – General Wear and Tear: Over time, components may wear out, leading to decreased efficiency.

10. Communication Problems:
    – Interference: Interference with the communication signal between the remote control and the gate system.

It’s important to perform regular maintenance, address issues promptly, and consult the professionals at Welborn Garage to ensure the reliable operation of your electric or automatic gate.

Gate Operator Issues:

Issues with the opener/operator of an electric/automatic gate can lead to various problems such as:

1. Power Supply Problems:
   – Interruption in power supply to the opener can prevent the gate from functioning.

2. Faulty Wiring:
   – Wiring issues, such as frayed or damaged wires, can disrupt the electrical connection, affecting the opener’s performance.

3. Motor Malfunctions:
   – Problems with the motor, such as overheating, worn-out gears, or motor failure, can impact the gate’s opening and closing mechanisms.

4. Remote Control or Keypad Issues:
   – Battery problems in the remote control or keypad can hinder communication with the opener.
   – Programming errors or signal interference may affect the responsiveness of the opener to remote commands.

5. Limit Switch Problems:
   – Issues with the limit switches, which determine the gate’s open and closed positions, can result in incorrect operation.

6. Sensor Interference or Malfunction:
   – Safety sensors that detect obstacles may malfunction, preventing the gate from closing or causing false triggering.

7. Control Board Failures:
   – Malfunctions in the control board, responsible for processing signals and controlling the opener’s functions, can lead to operational problems.

8. Manual Release Mechanism Issues:
   – The manual release mechanism, used during power outages or emergencies, may fail to disengage or engage properly.

9. Programming and Settings Errors:
   – Incorrect programming or settings on the opener can lead to erratic behavior or failure to respond to commands.

10. External Environmental Factors:
    – Exposure to extreme weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or direct sunlight, can affect the opener’s components.

11. Aging and Wear:
    – Components within the opener can wear out over time, leading to decreased efficiency.

12. Vandalism or Tampering:
    – Deliberate interference or tampering with the opener can cause malfunctions.

13. Lack of Maintenance:
    – Failure to perform regular maintenance, such as lubrication and inspection, can contribute to operational issues.

14. Inadequate Installation:
    – Poor installation practices or using incompatible components may result in long-term problems with the opener.

You can test the electrical connection to your gate in some of these cases to confirm that the issue is your opener. If this isn’t the case, Welborn is here to help.

No matter the model, age, or state of your gate operator, our expert technicians will arrive on-time, assess the overall operating condition of your gate, and present all your repair and installation options up front before beginning any work. Once you sign off on the solution that works best for you, they’ll begin work on the necessary repair or installation needed to get your gate back in working order.

Our technicians are background checked and drug tested to ensure you receive the best gate operator repair and replacement service in the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. We even offer an “In Good Hands” guarantee – if we can’t fix it, you don’t pay! Trust the experts at Welborn to provide the best possible service with honesty and integrity.


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